Volunteer Roles 2022

Your manager will be asking you to fill one of these roles, then it will be reported to BLL. Please get with your team manager about volunteer roles.


Parent Volunteer Role Descriptions

  1. Team Parent - In charge of the team party, trophies (participation trophies for the younger ages) and coaches’ gifts at the end of the season. Also will collect any money needed for the team.
  2. Snack Coordinator - TBD - Coordinate team snacks after each game (currently not allowed due to COVID, may change during season)(if allowed use signup genius for snacks).
  3. Uniform Coordinator & Names on Caps - Coordinate with the manager to pick up uniform items and distribute to the team prior to the first pre-season game. Coordinate with the manager to get players’ and coaches’ names embroidered on their caps. Approximately $7/cap (the team usually absorbs the cost for the manager and coach caps). Usually put first name on hats.
  4. Team banner / pennants - Can be homemade or professionally done. Approximately $5 – 15/player depending on the style. This banner is hung on the fence during games. Should have all team player names and numbers along with team name logos/colors.
  5. Picture Coordinator - Distribute/collect picture order forms and payment for team/individual pictures.
  6. Gala Coordinator -  The BLL gala currently scheduled for April 17th. The Gala may not happen again this year and if so we will plan for an online auction. Each team should provide an item for the auction with a value of $150 or more. Encourage your team’s attendance to the Gala (if we have one).
  7. Game Announcer(Home team) & Scoreboard Keeper(Visiting team) For Texas, National and American leagueTeams will need to provide an announcer and scorekeeper for each game. Rookie and Tball also encouraged to have a Game Announcer but it is not required. TX/NL/AL - Sometimes the game announcer will announce both teams. Just work with your opposing manager on this before the game and ensure the announcer has a lineup of first and last names of your batting order. You should have at least 4-5 copies of your lineup. 1 for your, your coaches, announcer and opposing manager. At Fox and Kindle, we have a portable bluetooth speaker and microphone in each shed. Jessamine and Tiras have PA systems in the press boxes. The scorekeeper running the scoreboard is also in the press box along with the game announcer. This is often consolidated into 2 people due to space limitations in the press box.
  8. Pitch Count Coordinator (National and American only) - Keep count of the pitches of each pitcher.
  9. Score and Stat Keeper via Game Changer (National and American only) - Keep score at the games through Game Changer. Game Changer is an online tool to keep score, track stats and provide a platform for group messaging.
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