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  4 Ways to Organize a productive baseball practice (You Go Pro Baseball)
  Sample Parent Letter (QC Baseball)
  8 Helpful Tips for New LL Coaches (LLU.org) & Returning Coaches
  How to know good from bad baseball instruction (LLU.org)
  10 Life Lessons Learned from Baseball (ProBaseball Insider)
  Guide to Why Little League Parents Should Get Involved NOW (LLU.org)
  Coaching your own CHILD (QC Baseball)
  The Matheny Manifesto  (Text)
  A Guide to Why Little League Parents Should Get Involved NOW (LLU.org)
  Coaching your own CHILD (Text QC Baseball)
MLB Network Videos Sandlot to the Show  (Video MLB-TV)

Coaching your Own Child - Have Other Coaches Coach your child.. You coach their child.
Coaching Tip -Talk to another TEAM & Scrimmage, use both Teams Practice Times Back-to-Back


  USA Baseball APP Download* Practice Plans APP *Drills Library*
  TeamReach  (Team Management Free)
  HEJA Team Management (Free)
  TeamSnap Team Management (Pay & Free)
  GameChanger App for Team Use (Have one parent run this with several back-ups)
  GameChanger Scorekeeping Demo Video
  Charting (Text QC Baseball. Game Change does most of this for you)
  Hitting Zone Chart Example qc
  Worksheets  (Most of this is done via Game Changer, this is the old school way)
  Little League Coaching Tips  (YouTube)
  Coaching the bases & MORE  (Rule 1. Don't touch the player...ever)  (Text LLU.org)
  11 Tips for the First-Time Coach PCA D Zone (PDF download)
  Double-Goal Coach Job description PCA (PDF download)
  Coaching Baseball 3 BIG Tips (Text helpful baseball)
  Dos & Don't for Youth Baseball Coaches (Andy Pohl YouTube)
  Practice Plan Coaching Baseball (ymca video)
  2 min drill on Little League rules & Regs video
  You Go Pro Practice Plan John Madden Breakdown  (YouTube)
  3 Different Practice Plans (alter as much as you wish) baseball positive 90 mins (Text)
  Batting Practice (12 Player Drill, Advanced) (Text/Videos/ baseball positive)
  Baseball Positive (step by step, mini diamond tool, links and more)  (Text baseball positive)
  3 Station * 3 Coach * 1hr 15min Practice Plan PDF Example
  2 Hours Practice Plans (Alter to Fit your needs) (baseball positive)
  Depth Chart + Batting Order Practice Thoughts & Ideas to work with QC
  Practice Plans External Text QC Baseball What is a Practice PLan
  QC Baseball  Practice Plan Blank Worksheet
  QC Baseball Option 2 Practice Plan Blank Worksheet
  QC Baseball Practice Plan Filled Out worksheet
  Hitting Zone Blank  WorkSheet*
  Machine Pitch Drills PLUS Baseball Drills by AGE 
  Baseball Drills for 8 Year Olds (alter to fit Team needs)


  Steve Bernhardt Baseball Factory LLU.org
  2 Simple Drills to Develop Perfect Baseball Hitting Mechanics! Ultimate Baseball Training
  Common Hitting Flaws & Drills
  Steve Bernhardt talks about the importance of finishing the swing
  Coil (Hitting Drill Series - Part 1)
  Stride (Hitting Drill Series - Part 2)
  Hip Rotation (Hitting Drill Series - Part 3)
  Simulated Swing (Hitting Drill Series - Part 4)
  ProBasebalI Insider Hitting Tips
  7 Absolutes of How to Hit
  Tee 1-2-3
  Hitting Stage 1 Rhythm
  Hitting Stage 2 Load
  Hitting Stage 3 Separation
  Hitting Stage 4 Weight & Shift
  Hitting Stage 5 Decide & Release

  How to THROW a baseball Part 1
  How to THROW a baseball Part 2
  How to THROW a baseball Part 3
  24 Fielding Drills bsb
  One-two Infield Drill
  Egg throw/soft hands technique drill
  The 6 F's of Fielding You Go Pro Baseball
  Follow the Ball
  Star Game
  One-two Infield Drill
  Infield Rotation
  Round the Horn
  Bucket of Balls
  Bucket of Balls with Runners
  LLU The Line Drill
  LLU Groundball with the Hat Drill
  Infielding Glove Steps & Feet
  Fielding a Ground Ball
  Backhand Glove Work
  Forehand Ground Balls
  Slow Rollers, Plays on the Run
Coaching Infield Part 1 of 3 (Fielding a ground ball) video
  Infield Part 2 of 3 Video
  Infield Part 3 of 3 (Shuffle Shuffle Follow) video
  Advanced Infield Drills Video Fundamentals
  Mount Union Infielder Break-down Drill video (Ryan Schmidt)

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