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Tball is for ages 4 and 5.   The days for Tball will be Mondays OR Wednesdays and Saturday.   This level is 2 touches per week of 1 hour each.  Players use a softer ball and hit off a tee.  There is no score and no umpire, no outs are recorded.  Everyone hits and plays.  Coaches are allowed in the fields during play.  Teams are National League MLB Teams (but we will have the Astros).  All games are played at Gee Field at Horn Elementary.  Read More on the Tball Rules Page


Rookie ball is for ages 5 and 6.   This level is 2 touch per week of 1 hour 20 min each.  Balls are pitched from a pitching machine at 28mph.   Teams are American League MLB Teams. Players use a softer ball, but not as soft as TBall.  If your child is 5 and has never played baseball before, they must start with Tball.  Score is not kept in Rookie ball and there are no umpires. Kids are called out if they are out, however if they swing and miss at 3 pitches they are allowed to hit off a tee.  Coaches are allowed in the fields during play.  All games are played at Fox and Kindle fields at Horn Elementary. Read More on the Rookie Ball Rules Page


Texas League is for ages 7,8,9  (If your child is currently 6 and will play Texas League in the Spring at age 7 we recommend Texas League for the FALL!) This level is 3 touches per week of 1.5 hours each.  A pitching machine is used and balls are pitched at 38mph.    A regular hard little league baseball is used.  All games and practices take place at Fox and Kindle fields at Horn Elementary.   Read More on the Texas League Rules Page


National League (Minors) is our kid pitch division for ages 9, 10, and 11. The days for National League will be. This level is 3 touches per week of 1.5 hours each.  Read More on the National League Rules Page


American League (Majors) is our top kid pitch division for ages 11 and 12.  The days will be Monday, Wednesday Friday and Saturday. This level is 4 touches per week of 1.5 hours each. Read More on the American League Rules Page