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Equipment Checklist

Parents please ensure you have all the required equipment prior to the start o f the season!
**This List applies to ALL Divisions, including TBALL and ROOKIE.
  1. Baseball glove
  2. Batting gloves
  3. Helmets with a face mask (facemask is required, yes even for Tball b/c kids swing their bats all over the place!) (C-flap is ok for National and American)
  4. USA approved Bats with a USA stamp – must has USA on the handle -  read more
  5. Baseball pants for practice and fall ball games. (pants are provided in spring but not fall).  You won't know what exact color until you have been assigned to a team, but you need several for practices - likely white or gray.
  6. Baseball cleats (not metal cleats, rubber only)
  7. Baseball bags to hold all the stuff.