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District Tournaments

10u plays at First Colony Little League

Location: First Colony Little League

3232 Austin Pkwy, Sugar Land TX 77479

First Game:  (Win) Bellaire 7 Post Oak 5

Second  Game: (Win) Bellaire 11 vs West U Am1

Third Game:   (Win) Bellaire 8 Westbury 3

Fourth Game: (Win) Bellaire 9 West U Nat 8

Fifth Game: (Loss) Bellaire 2 Post Oak 9

Sixth Game: (Loss) Bellaire 1 Post Oak 5

10U Finishes Runner up for the District Championship.  Congrats on a great run!


Head Coach Isa Garcia

(Assistant Coaches Dan Tolpin, Ron Zach and Chris Livingstone)

  • Rodrick Brown
  • Jack DeToto
  • Miles Eddlemon
  • Lukas Filis
  • Reid Flowers
  • Isa Garcia
  • Eloosha Goott
  • Blake Livingstone
  • Chase Mould
  • Carlito Nossa
  • Jared Tolpin
  • Gabriel Turley
  • Ben Whitley
  • Hogan Zach

11U plays at Westbury Little League

Location: Westbury Little League

5300 Dryad Houston Texas 77035

First Game: (Loss) Bellaire 0 West U American 2

Second Game: (Win) Bellaire 15, Katy American 2

Third Game: (Win) Bellaire 5 West U National 4

Fourth Game:  (Win)  Bellaire 12 West U American 0

Fifth Game: (Win) Bellaire 6 Post Oak 5 

Sixth Game: (Loss) vs Westbury

11u District Team finished as runner up for the District Championship.  Congrats on a great run!


Head Coach Ryan Loving

(Assistant Coaches Murray Kalmin and George Summers)

  • Andrew Baca
  • Caleb Carter
  • Devin Singh
  • Hayden Summers
  • Jordan Beinart
  • Liam Miller
  • Luke Loving
  • Marco Quintanilla
  • Matthew Burleigh
  • Nathan Kalmin
  • Nick Gillette
  • Preston Gorski
  • Ryan Richter

12U Plays at Post Oak Little League

Location: Post Oak Little League

5840 San Felipe St Houston TX 77057

First Game: (Win) Bellaire 15 Neartown 1

Second Game (Win) Bellaire 18 KatyN 1

Third Game: (Win) Bellaire 5 West U Nat 2

Fourth Game: (Loss) Bellaire 6  Post Oak 7

Fifth Game: (Loss) Bellaire 4  West U 5

12 U Finishes District Play 3-2 with a few narrow losses against tough opponents.  Congrats on a great run!

Head Coach Tucker Fowler

(Assistant Coaches Garth Beinart and Corey Ayers

  • Aidan Eshelman
  • Blake Cohen
  • Carson Fowler
  • Chase Wei
  • Connor Ayers
  • Daniel Harris
  • Dylan Katz
  • Jake Melamed
  • Jake Mould
  • Joe Detoto
  • Kyle Beinart
  • Maddux El-Hakam
  • Paolo Rappazzo