COVID-19 Safety Protocols

BLL COVID-19 Safety Protocols* *(Subject to change as necessary). 

Updated January 11, 2021


Daily Health Self Assessments REQUIRED

  • No player should attend practice or games if not feeling well or displaying COVID-19 symptoms.
  • All parents/guardians shall self assess their respective player(s) prior to bringing them to the field.
  • If a player becomes sick or exposed to someone who is sick, BLL officials shall be notified in order to reduce further exposures. Please email complete this form to notify BLL officials.
  • If a player tests positive for Covid 19, the player will be required to quarantine and not be allowed to rejoin their team until they produce a negative test to BLL officials.

Masks/Face Coverings REQUIRED

  • Masks/face coverings are REQUIRED for anyone entering/exiting the BLL facilities.
  • Players are not required to wear a mask/face covering while practicing or competing in games.
  • Players will be required to wear a mask/face covering when sitting on the bench during practice or games.
  • All adults, including coaches, shall wear masks/face coverings while on the fields.

Social Distancing - Spectators

  • To minimize the number of people on or around the fields, parents/guardians should remain in their vehicle during practice.
  •  By exception, if a parent/guardian chooses to be closer to the practice, they shall observe the masks rules, stay at least 6 feet from others, and observe only from outside the field.
  • Any spectator who is considered ‘at-risk’ to COVID-19, should not attend any BLL practice or games.

Hand Sanitization

  • Upon entering and exiting the field, players and coaches shall sanitize their hands.

Equipment/Water Bottles/Personal Gear

  • Water bottles should not be shared with other players.
  • Balls – All balls will be provided by BLL. Teams should not share baseballs, each team will have their own baseballs as provided by BLL or the head coach.
  • Bats/Gloves/Helmets/batting gloves should not be shared amounts players.
  • Catchers gear is never to be shared, each player who wishes to play the catcher position must purchase their own gear or take the team assigned catchers gear a the first practice.  Only one catchers gear set will be provided to each team and will only go to one player for the season as designated by the head coach. (Texas, National and American Divisions)


  • Extra contact should be avoided. Avoid handshakes, high-fives, hugs, etc.
  • In lieu of traditional greetings or celebrations, clapping, ‘air’ high-fives and other respectful, non-contact gestures are acceptable.

After-Game Snacks

  • There will be no after practice or game snacks