Your donated BLL gear is appreciated in Cartagena, Columbia! We are packaging another 20+ bats, a few gloves, 10 baseball backpacks, and helmets for shipment this week. This is after the first batch went with Crosspoint Church to Belize. THANK YOU BLL families for your support!
From Gabriel Monroy who helped deliver the items:
The coach made a scrimmage with around 20 kids. The coach brought them from another neighborhood, a very poor one, and gave them the gear before the game, and then they played. After, we had a sort of celebration with snacks and drinks for the kids. I tried to keep it low-key, but the coach was so happy and thankful for the act of kindness that he asked me to speak in front of all the kids. I told them how this happened and how Bellaire’s parents and players immediately donated the gear. It was very touching. My father, wife, sisters, in-laws, nephews, and more family were present, and understood the need to keep helping these kids and that community; we are keeping many kids out of the streets by giving them some tools and hope through baseball.

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